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Trollops & Johns

The Golden Trollop

The Golden Trollop Award

Golden Trollop
Please don't tickle the trollops.

Without peer and without pants, the beautiful Golden Trollop stands atop this towering trophy, born aloft by her faithul caryatids and her worshipful attendants as she eagerly awaits her place in your living room!

The fun doesn't end even when you have earned the coveted Sacred Tapestry of the Order of the Purple Garter!

When you have completed a second round of Trollops & Johns and uploaded your family budget screen to the Trollops & Johns Yahoo! Group, the Acolytes of the Order will bestow upon you this magnificent solid gold trophy to commemorate your tremendous achievement in the art of Sim seduction!

Shown here at twice its normal size so that you can see the fine detail executed by the master smiths at the Shrine of the Trollops, this massive monument to unbridled greed, pride, vanity, and lust will make your parlor the envy of every other brothel in town!

* * *

The Golden Trollop trophy is ready! So when you have completed your second 30-simday round of Trollops & Johns, be sure to upload your budget screen and send a note to the Acolytes so they can tell you how to find it!


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