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Trollops & Johns

Welcome to Trollops & Johns!

This game for The Sims is intended for grown-ups! Kids and prudes, you won't find anything on this web site that you shouldn't see, but chances are you won't have a clue what it's about. Please visit the Moon Sims web site or one of the other fine sites on SimsHost.

About the game

The Trollops and The Tapestry
When you have completed 30 sim days of Trollops and Johns and upload your family budget screen, you will be inducted into the Order of the Purple Garter and receive this magic tapestry!

The basic game play is to create a household of three trollops and one or more households of johns to serve as their clients.

You can play the game by yourself and try to achieve your highest score. Also, in the Trollops & Johns Yahoo Group we organize tournaments with players competing for prizes.

The trollops are allowed only one source of income: each time a trollops succeeds in getting a john to play in the love bed, she receives a single rosebud (1000 simoleans) in payment.

Except for those rosebuds, no cheat codes or special items that add to household revenues or improve the character's moods are allowed. The point is to play a straight game of The Sims and earn money only through the taking care of clients.

Read the official rules for additional information and restrictions.

Budget Window
Budget Window
Click on the amount of cash your household has, in the lower left corner of your screen, to make this window appear. You can do this at any time while you are playing The Sims.

In the tourney rounds, whoever's trollops have highest family net worth at the end of 30 sim days wins.

The game is played in two divisions: Pre-Hot Date and Hot Date. You need at least the Livin' Large (Livin' It Up) expansion pack for the game because that's where you get the animations necessary to use the love bed.

When your trollops have completed 30 sim days, take a screen shot of your Household Budget window. Then upload the screen shot as a JPEG file to the Trollops... folder in the "Photos" section of the Trollops & Johns Yahoo! Group for all the world to see!

The Acolytes need to know four things:

(1) your name as you want it to appear on the Rolls of the Order,
(2) which division you're playing in (pre-HD or Hot Date),
(3) your email address so they can tell you the secret location of the Sacred Tapestry,
(4) the total of your family budget screen on simday 30.

After you have uploaded your budget screen, post a note in the Yahoo group to tell the Acolytes of the Order of the Purple Garter about it. Include your name as you want it to appear on the Rolls, and whether you are playing a pre-Hot-Date or post-Hot-Date version of The Sims.

We will send some Acolytes to guide you on your quest to find the Vault of the Sacred Tapestry.

When we are doing tournaments, you can really start any time as long as you get your entry uploaded by the deadline.

Of course, you are welcome to upload your score and excercise your bragging rights at any time.

We have it on the Best of Authority (having just now made it up) that Trollops and Johns will continue to be a popular diversion for people living in the moon a century from now. The platforms and the simulation software may change, and we might even design a better masthead for this web site, but the basic game play based on the world's oldest profession will surely endure.


Copyright © 2004 by Gregory R. Bennett; all rights reserved.
Please post comments about this web site and the Trollops & Johns game at the Trollops & Johns Yahoo! Group.
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