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Adapted from the original rules written by Jan Kelson and Mike Stern

  1. In a new neighborhood, create a family of three females ("Trollops"). Trollops and Johns

  2. You can use the Trollops' 20,000 simoleons in any way you choose, but be sure that you include at least one love bed. (The one from Byline's Brothel are quite a bargain. See the links and credits page for more references.)

  3. Don't mess with the basic money system for The Sims.
    1. Use of third-party items that appreciate in value is forbidden.
    2. Earning extra money by selling art or gnomes on the original Maxis easel or workbench is OK.
    3. It's also OK to answer the telephone and accept any rewards that you get from a phone call.
    4. Other easels and workbenches are OK as long as the object creator didn't change the way the money works, but not if they have been modified to increase the amount of money you get from selling the stuff.
    5. Except for love beds, user-created objects should have the same price as similar objects from Maxis.
    6. You can modify the price of your favorite love bed if you want to. We suggest pricing it at $200.

  4. The only way to make money other than selling the hand-made artwork or gnomes is a single "rosebud" each time a love bed is used (1000 simoleons).

    You can use the Trollops Money Bed if you like. It pays $1000 each time you get someone to play. If you use it, be careful that nobody plays in the bed except for a trollop and her client. Having the trollops seducing each other doesn't count.

  5. The time period within the sims is 30 simdays. You goal is to maximize household net worth at the end of simday 30.

  6. You can have one additional family of 8 males in the neighborhood ("Johns"). For pre-HD, you can have one additional all-male family (to make up for loss of Townies). Any sim from outside your trollops' household counts as a potential customer as long as you don't play the other household during your 30-simday Trollops & Johns game.

  7. You can use teleporters to bring Townies or Johns to your home. (See notes on the Links and Credits page for places to shop for teleporters.)

  8. You cannot use the "move_objects" cheat to refresh the trollops.

  9. Don't use hacked mood-enhancing objects, money cheats, external programs, or expansion pack communities in a way that would bypass the basic play of the game.

    Use of objects from Sims-on-a-Stick and similar object-hacking sites is forbidden. They have special items that makes friends and keeps all your sims' bars green. Fantastic stuff, but it would spoil the challenge of the Trollops & Johns game.

    Use of magic is not allowed. No spells or charms.

    Trollops and Johns

    Using a program like Sim Enhancer to adjust the characters' personalities beyond what you can get with the create-a-character screen in The Sims is not allowed. Setting your characters' personalities is an important part of the strategy.

    More generally, this means don't use any objects that have their beneficial effects jacked up beyond the original Maxis objects. Specifically, no +10 energy from coffee pots or similar objects.

    It's OK to use items that have their price lowered, but only if it's on the web so everybody can use the same stuff.

    Your trollops can go downtown, on vacation, to Studio Town, to Magic Town, and all that; but they can't sleep over there. That would spoil the Trollops & Johns 30-simday rule by extending the time your trollops have to develop relationships with their customers. As long as they sleep at home, you end up paying for the extended time by having them return home worn out and in need of sleep, so that will balance it out.

  10. You cannot play the johns at all, since that would extend the time that the trollops have to seduce them. All they really need is a table and a phone on their lot.

  11. A trollop is not allowed to get paid for seducing the same john twice in a row on the same day.

  12. None of the trollops can have a day job.

  13. There are two divisions: Pre-Hot Date and Hot Date. Hot Date is lots harder because of the changes Maxis made in how relationships develop.

  14. The person with the largest family net worth for the trollops in either division at the end of 30 simdays wins!

  15. Greg's rule: Use your best judgement regarding third-party objects, game play, and looking for holes in these rules.

    You want to play a straight game and earn money from the trollops practicing their profession. Household net worth is a convenient way to measure your trollops' success, but the game is about seductions, not clever ways to bend the rules so you can crank up your family fortune.

    If you make a boo-boo and earn some money from selling a surprisingly valuable object or doing some other strange thing we haven't thought of, then just balance it out by having a trollop do a freebie or whatever it takes to make the bookkeeping come out even.

There is a folder in the Photos section of the Trollops & Johns Yahoo! Group where you can submit screenshots made on simday 30. (Use the cash-flow screen; it shows net worth and the simday).


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