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Trollops & Johns

Where to Find Stuff for Your Trollops

You can play Trollops & Johns with just the things that came with The Sims, but to make it even more fun, here we list some places where you can find skins and objects that fit with the theme of the game.

Trollops and Johns

Where to find furniture for your trollops

You will find roomfuls of furniture and furnishings in Byline's Brothel right here at Trollops & Johns! Byline's passionate purple love bed is a big download, but it has aircraft-quality industrial-strength springs and will cost your trollops only 1 simolean to buy! Also here on Trollops & Johns we have Lerilai's Brothel Boutique.

You're going to want a teleporter to bring your customers to your brothel! With the teleporter you can bring anyone from the neighborhood instantly to your brothel! There are lots of these at Killer Sims. Go the 9th floor and shop the transporters in the Electronics department. You will also find teleporters at Carrot Stuff and Simsylvania.

Tugger made a special line of Trollops and Johns furniture which you will find at With Sim Love.

Candace's SIN Bazaar (which is part of Candace's Sim Bazaar) offers thousands of downloads, including brothel furniture and some very trollopy characters. (Sorry kids; Candace's Sin Bazaar is open only to adult SimsHost subscribers.)

Fans of the Color Purple will find some really nice walls, floors, and furnishings at Similarity Sims.

There is even more purple stuff in the "Softer Side" of Lone Star Sims: a bedroom set and kitchen set.

For some very sexy purple stuff, visit Malificent and Mikey's M & M Needful Things.

The 8th Deadly Sim offers Chad Authier's love bed in his unique masculine style with some mischief to the animations. It will cost your trollops a lot of simoleans, so you might want to wait until after day 30. (8DS is an independent subscription site.)

The bed and much of the furniture shown in many of the small illustrations on the Trollops and Johns site came from Scoobz Sims Pages.

Obsidian's Sim Witch has lots of nifty purple stuff and some special purple pagan things, too!

Where to find some great skins for your trollops

Trollops ~ In case you overlooked the link in our navigation table here it is again; Samantha (not her real name) awaits your pleasure! And if she's not enough, check out the Streetwalker Battalion and Lamplight Girls! Greg made those.

Except for the images using the custom skins available on this web site, all the trollops and johns shown in the illustrations are straight out of the box stuff made by Maxis and distributed with the game.

Candace's SIN Bazaar ~ Of course!

8th Deadly Sim ~ Check out the strip club skins! (Subscription site)

7 Deadly Sims ~ See the skins section under Lust!

Moon Sims Links ~ You will find thousands of beautiful women among the hundreds of sites listed in the Moon Sims links list. We are reluctant to identify our favorites here in connection with Trollops and Johns -- it's just not nice to suggest someone else's characters might make good trollops -- so go forth and explore!

Discussion Group for Trollops and Johns

Trollops & Johns Yahoo! Group ~ The Home of Trollops and Johns!

Where to find utilities that will make your trollops happy

Ambrosia Software ~ Mac users might have difficulty making a screen shot of the family budget screen, so here's an application that fixes the problem. Nine out of ten trollops recommend Snapz Pro 2 from Ambrosia Software.

Where to find stuff that's just too incredible for Trollops & Johns

Mike's rules for the Trollops and Johns game specifically ban use of stuff from Sims on a Stick. In particular, the Happiness Fruitcake, the Friendship Painting, the Happiness Espresso Machine, and the Plasma Lamp have effects that are terrific in other Sims game play, but would spoil the Trollops & Johns game.

We need to add Trond's My Sims to the list of sites with Stuff So Cool It's Banned By Trollops & Johns. You will find a lot of stuff at My Sims that would warp the rules all out of shape by making it too easy to manage your characters' moods and skills.

Trollops and Johns

About this web site

What you see here has turned out to be quite a collaborative effort among dozens of people. In December 2001 I made a quick little one-page web site on Moon Sims just to have a place to put Mike's rules for the Trollops & Johns game. The game really need its own web space because the subject matter doesn't seem quite appropriate for the main Moon Sims site. (We later learned that not even a separate web space was enough to satisfy the prurient prudes.)

As J. R. R. Tolkein said in his introduction to The Lord of the Rings, "The tale grew in the telling." Greg added a Skins page. Byline created a whole bedroom suite. Lerilai added her stuff. Many artists started adding trollopy characters and furnishings to their sties. Discussions on Yahoo made it obvious we needed some help pages. We schemed about the Order of the Purple Garter. And it grew.

We're not promising any future updates, but we're having lots of fun doing things that we couldn't get away with in a more straight-laced environment, so who knows what we'll get into next!

Thank you for visiting Trollops and Johns! Enjoy your visit here, and especially enjoy playing the game!

All the best,


Copyright © 2004 by Gregory R. Bennett; all rights reserved.
Please post comments about this web site and the Trollops & Johns game at the Trollops & Johns Yahoo! Group.
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