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Trollops, the sequel
Welcome to the
Trollops & Johns
Streetwalker Battalion!

Click on the color and skin tone you want. Each small image is linked to a separate 40 K zip file. Uses the Maxis b024fafit_uber mesh, which was distributed with the Fit Skin Pack. Click here to download the mesh if you need it.

It pays to advertise!

With her skin-tight dress to display the mechandise, bright colors to attract attention, and fishnets and garter belt to eliminate any doubt, your trollop is ready to decorate any lamp post in Sim City!

Choose her color and skin tone from the selection above. Each image is linked to a separate zip file. Each zip archive contains one body skin and is about 40K. All outfits use the b024fafit_uber body mesh that Maxis distributed with the Fit Skin Pack. If you need the mesh, you can download it from a link beneath the large picture at the top of this page.

Heads are not included. There aren't even readme files here, but you probably already know to put the b024fafitxxx_tjtr2xxxx.bmp files into your Skins folder.

"Anything worth doing is worth overdoing!"

That's the motto of the Trollops Battalion!

So, just in case you are not completely sated by the first dozen, here are enough trollops to cast a majority vote in any neighborhood in Sim City!

The dresses are modeled by Samantha (not her real name) wearing Fionn's C726 Real Prom hair style. The mesh is available from Sim Freaks on page 4 of Fionn's Series 1 heads. The dark skin dresses at the top of the page are modeled by Raven from Velaria's Simgirls wearing Velaria's C666 Flip hair style.

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