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Portrait of a Trollop - 367 KB
Click on the image above to download
Archive includes this head, body skins in all three skin tones, C721 head mesh, B032 body mesh, and a readme file that you really want to read! Medium and dark faces are in a separate archive, below.

Medium and Dark Faces - 20 KB
Click on the image of the two faces to download
Archive includes skins for both medium and dark heads. If you need the C721 head mesh, download the big archive linked from the light-skinned version of Samantha (not her real name) above.

Samantha's ensemble
To complete Samantha (not her real name)'s ensemble, download her swimsuit, pajamas, and nude skins. The skins are packaged in individual archives for each skin tone. Click below to download the skin tones you want.
Caution: Nude skins are anatomically correct. The image above has been edited to protect the guilty.
Each archive is 168K.
| light | medium | dark |

Our first official trollop! Samantha (not her real name) models her favorite sequined cut-off tank boldly embroidered with the message "Trollop" across some of her key assets in passionate purple! She's proud of what she does for a living, and besides, it's good advertising.

She's ready to propel you on to fame and glory, guaranteeing success in your own play of Trollops and Johns. (Erm, that is, assuming you give her the right personality and play her better than anyone else does.)

Click on the image to download. Meshes included. As with Samantha when she's on the job, what you see is what you get!

Oops! One of the Moon Sims tour guides, Carla, has something to say here: "Any resemblance between me and this woman is purely coincidental, and bears no relationship to the fact that my face happened to be handy when Greg made this set of skins. It's obvious that this hussy dyes her hair, and her mole is on the wrong side. Besides, I will be born a century after her, so she will be a wrinkled old spinster in a retirement home by the time I show up on the scene!"

*   *   *

Samantha (not her real name) needs company! If you have made some nice trollops or johns skins you would like to share, how about uploading them to the files section at the Trollops & Johns Yahoo Group? (Don't upload someone else's skins unless you have the creator's permission to do so.) With your permission we will add the best of the trollops to the web site here.

For display on this web site, please keep 'em covered at least in the normal skin. If you want to do a whole ensemble, realistic nude skins and sexy pj's and swimsuits are OK, but we'd like to display a portrait of the normal skin and still maintain a kid-safe web page.


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