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Trollops & Johns

The Brothel Clock

Tempus Fugit!

The Brothel Clock

Time is money for your trollops! Help them keep track of the time they invest in each client with this magnificent clock created especially for Trollops & Johns you by Byline!

Especially designed to coordinate with both your Tapestry of the Order of the Purple Garter and your Golden Trollop trophy, this beautiful chronometer, made of rare imported hookerwood trimmed in genuine gold, will help keep your trollops humping busy and the money flowing!

No matter how much you want it, though, there's only one way to get it -- you must complete three 30-simday sessions of Trollops & Johns to earn Byline's Brothel Clock. If you've come this far in the game, then you probably already know the litanies of the order: just upload your family budget screen to the Photos section of the Yahoo egroup, and make sure the Acolytes about it that they can lead you on your own personal Quest for Time.


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