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Trollops and Johns News

April 6, 2004: Updated rule 3 to allow for players lowering the price of love bed. Added a few more notes of clarification to the Rules and iFAQ .

February 20, 2004: Added a link to the diary of Brooklyn Haze to the Players Diaries page.

February 11, 2004: New rule: Trollops have to sleep at home. We expanded rule 9 again. Trollops are allowed to go downtown and on vacation, but they have to sleep at home.

February 8, 2004: New rule: No magic. We expanded rule 9 to disallow use of magic spells, magic charms, or external programs that can enhance your sims' relationships and personalities.

February 4, 2004: New Skin in the Yahoo Group: It says here, "What do trollops wear on their day off?" If the answer for your trollops is blue jeans, red tennis shoes, and a red souvenir T-Shirt from the Chicken Ranch brothel, you will want this new skin. You will find it in the Files section of the Trollops and Johns Yahoo Group. Hey, where else can you find trollops giving away freebies?

January 31, 2004: Update: We added the Trollops Money Bed to the selections in The Brothel! Your trollops have more important things to do with their time than bookkeeping. The Trollops Money Bed bed will add 1000 simoleans to your household budget every time you get someone to play! It's still up to you to make sure your trollops don't seduce the same john twice in a row, and of course they shouldn't be seducing each other, either!

January 19, 2004: The trollops are back! After more than a year of waiting, we are rebuilding and updating the Trollops & Johns web site for you to enjoy! People continue to ask that we get the web site going again and bring back the Trollops & Johns game, so here we are!

Originally, the site was hosted by Moon Sims; however, a couple of members of the Moon Society thought that the bawdy theme of the Trollops & Johns game was not appropriate for the Moon Sims site. In deference to them, we had to remove the site from the Moon Sims server and move the discussions way from the Moon Sims Yahoo! group.

We want to bring back the game, so we are rebuilding the site on the SimsHost server and have created the independent Trollops & Johns Yahoo Group for you.

March 18, 2002: We are pleased to announce the introduction of the Brothel Clock as the special prize you can earn for completing three rounds of Trollops and Johns!

March 16, 2002: Added a web page just for the Flamingo Ranch. This is the house that my trollops built from their earnings in the first round of Trollops & Johns. There are just over two weeks to go in Round 3, so it's not too late to start your own adventure with Trollops & Johns and still get 30 simdays done in time to participate in this round of the competition!

February 16, 2002: The Golden Trollop is ready for prime time! As soon as your finish your second round of Trollops & Johns, make sure to upload your budget screen and notify the Acolytes of the Purple Garter so they can tell you where to find this massive monument!

February 11, 2002: Added some notes to the iFAQ that attempt to unscramble the complexities that come from allowing cheap third-party objects in the game.

February 10, 2002: Added dresser and cuddle couch to Byline's Brothel. Added non-Hot-Date versions of objects to Lerilai's Brothel Boutique, plus a new bathroom counter and medicine cabinet. Announced the Golden Trollop award in the egroup; but havent' linked to it from the main menu yet because it's not quite ready. The Z buggers buffers just aren't cooperating with Byline's attempts to conquer them. Yet.

February 7, 2002: Added the inFrequently Asked Questions page. Added notes for those objects in the brothel that require expansion packs.

February 5, 2002: Added Lerilai's Brothel Boutique.

January 31, 2002: Corrected the two lamps in The Brothel. My apologies; I messed up the mime settings.

January 27, 2002: Uploaded a revised set of objects for Byline's Brothel. The objects haven't changed, but Bibi edited their descriptions because we learned that Jan Kelson was the original inventor of the Trollops and Johns game, and we wanted to make sure she gets the credit she deserves for adding this wonderful bit of mischief to The Sims.

January 25, 2002: Added a page for the Order of the Purple Garter.

December 27, 2001: Byline announced that the prize for the first round was the Alldaglig House, one of the unpublished houses from her own neighborhood. We decided that Round 2 would start on New Year's Day and end on Ground Hog Day, 2002.

December 26, 2001: Added the rules page.

December 24, 2001: The first draft of the Trollops & Johns web site went on line. I created this as a one-page web site with a description of the basic objectives of the game and the basic rules. Mike Stern agreed to be The Judge for another round.


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