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Trollops & Johns

The Flamingo Ranch

The Flamingo Ranch

The Flamingo Ranch
The Flamingo Ranch

I thought you might enjoy seeing what my trollops at the Flamingo Ranch did with their money after they earned their place in the Order of the Purple Garter. Right now you can view the house but you can't downlod it yet. Nancy promises that she will teach me how she prepares houses for downloading at Serene Estates.

It has been a busy time at the Flamingo Ranch since the days of that first round of Trollops & Johns! Rhonda, Nola, and Wendy have been joined by all three flavors of Samantha (not her real name). They finished their grand plans for the first floor and built on a second floor with a small balcony overlooking the new swimming pool.

The second floor has enough room for the dance club they have always wanted and its wings provide enough space so that each of the ladies has her own bedroom -- an essential feature in this business!

The neighborhood has grown. Alma and Albert Alldaglig built their house next door. That house was my prize for winning the first round in the pre-Hot-Date division of Trollops & Johns.

So the happy life goes on here at the Flamingo Ranch as our trollops prepare for their next exciting round of Trollops & Johns!


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