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Trollops & Johns

inFrequently Asked Questions*

These questions are not frequently asked, but I do frequently get asked questions related to Trollops & Johns. Here are the more amusing ones.

  1. May I use a money tree? The pot o' gold?
    No. That would fall under rules 3 and 4. The theme of the game is to earn money through seductions, not to maximize your household net worth through any means possible. If in doubt, see rule 15.

  2. May my trollops go downtown? On vacation? To Studio Town? To Magic Town?
    Yes, but they can't sleep there. See rule 9. The basic idea is to avoid doing things that would spoil the 30-simday rule. As long as your trollops don't sleep downtown (or wherever) you don't end up significantly extending the time they have to invest in developing their relationships.

    So, let 'em put on their fishnets and their black leather corset and go downtown to decorate a lamp post if that's their favorite way of meeting their customers.

  3. Do I have to use the characters from the Trollops & Johns web site?
    No, you can use any characters you want for your trollops and johns. We're providing skins for trollops here on the Trollops & Johns web site because it's fun to do.

  4. Do I have to have three trollops in my brothel?
    You must have three (and only three) characters living in your brothel to balance your game against everybody else's because three people will eat that much food and consume other household resources. How you play them is up to you.

  5. What if one of my trollops gets pregnant?
    Characters need to be from the same household to make a baby in The Sims. Since the johns cannot live in the same household as the trollops, the only way they can make a baby is if they are seducing each other. If you do somehow manage to make a baby, deal with it.

  6. Do my trollops have to be human?
    If you can get it to seduce johns into playing in the love bed it counts as a trollop. If a trollop can lure it to play in the love bed, it's a john.

  7. Do my trollops have to be female, and my johns male? Do janes count?
    When it comes to relationships, sims don't seem to know what sex they are, so do whatever floats your boat.

  8. If my trollops seduce each other, do they get paid?
    No. In that case it's just professionals working out together to maintain their skills. :)

    From a more practical standpoint, nobody living in the same household with a trollop will pay the trollop because household members are too easily accessible and controllable.

  9. A john got into bed, but just lay there without doing anything. Does he pay?
    No. It means the john just wanted to relax, or was hoping the trollop would make the first move. If you have the trollop get out and then tell her to play, there's usually still a chance to score when this happens.

  10. May I use an imported house?
    No, that would mess up the accounting. Managing your money, especially as your trollops are first getting set up in business, is an important part of the game. Spend their 20,000 simoleans wisely.

  11. Do I have to import a specific house?
    No. See above.

  12. Why do I get a "missing animations" error when my trollops try to use the love bed?
    You need to have Livin' Large installed because the animations for the love bed come with Livin' Large.

  13. I installed these skins but they don't show up in my create-a-character screen. Where are they?
    You probably need the mesh files that go with the skins. In the fine print under the illustrations on the download pages for the skins you will find links where you can download the meshes if you need them.

  14. Where did you get the furniture shown in the illustrations?
    See the Links & Credits page for ... well ... links and credits.

  15. I can't download those objects from another site. Will you email them to me?
    No, I don't have permission to distribute other folks' objects, so I won't. Even if I did have permission I'm afraid I wouldn't have time to answer all these requests, so as a rule, no, I won't email objects to you. If there's a problem with downloading stuff from Moon Sims or Trollops & Johns, please tell us about it and we'll fix the web site. If our web server ever goes off line (it happened once, for almost six hours), my email is off line, too, so email is not a viable work-around in any case.

  16. Will you make this object for me?
    I'm not an object maker. So instead of writing to me, go to the Trollops & Johns Yahoo Group and see if you can attract the interest of one of the object artists who frequent that forum.

  17. What are the sims doing under the covers?
    Whatever your imagination desires, of course! Well, seriously, the animation is in the bed, not the characters. If you really want to see what they're doing, get them started playing and then use the "genable objects off" command. Not surprisingly, "genable objects on" will restore your game to normal operation.

  18. Does the love bed have to be modified so visitors can use it?
    No. Any love bed will work. Visitors will ignore the bed until one of your trollops starts it vibrating.

  19. A burglar broke into my house and stole my cheap love bed, but I got a huge amount of money from the insurance company. Do I get to keep it?
    No, it doesn't make sense to earn a profit from being burglarized, so do a freebie or two as required to make up for the windfall income. This is one of the conundrums of allowing for cheap third-party items in the rules.

  20. A burglar broke into my house and the police lady caught him, and I got a reward. Can I keep the money?
    Yes. In this case you demosntrated your prudence by buying burglar alarms, or your playing skill by trapping the burglar until the police lady got there, and you did it within the money system that Maxis invented.

  21. I have some items that do add to my household net worth by appreciating in value, but they appreciate according to the money system that Maxis invented. Can I keep the money?
    Yes. That's still part of the normal game, and it won't turn out to be a lot of money compared to what your trollops can earn from their profession. It's only third-party artwork that has extraordinary appreciation that causes a problem in the accounting.

  22. I noticed that the cheap love bed added a lot more to my household net worth than I paid for it. Is it still within the rules?
    Yes. Everybody is in the same boat with that one, so every player should experience the same change in household net worth other that the price paid for the bed. However, if you sell the love bed and thereby get a windfall profit, that's against the rules; we're not in the business of selling furniture here. Similarly, buying more than three love beds (one for each trollop) just so you can get the extra household net worth goes against the spirit of the game.

  23. I have uploaded my family budget screen. Now what?

    Congratulations! You have earned your place in the Order of the Purple Garter! (Or, if you are already in the Order, you have earned the even more-coveted Golden Trollop!) Also, if you uploaded your budget screen during an official round of Trollops & Johns, it will be entered in the judging for the prizes in that round.

    The Acolytes need to know four things:

    (1) your name as you want it to appear on the Rolls of the Order,
    (2) which division you're playing in (pre-HD or Hot Date),
    (3) your email address so they can tell you the secret location of the Sacred Tapestry,
    (4) the total of your family budget screen on simday 30.

    After you have uploaded your budget screen, please post a note to the Acolytes of the Order of the Purple Garter in the Trollops and Johns Yahoo Group. Include your name as you want it to appear on the Rolls, and whether you are playing Hot Date or some other version of The Sims.

    We will send some Acolytes to guide you on your quest to find the Vault of the Sacred Tapestry.

  24. Can I keep playing the same trollops after 30 days?

    Of course you can, and everybody in the Trollops & Johns egroup will be eager to hear about their progress, but we don't currently have any rewards or prizes set up for long-term trolloping. To win the competition for highest score or to earn the Golden Trollop trophy, you need to start with a fresh new household and new trollops. There's no reason why the new trollops couldn't be attempting to seduce the same old set of johns, however.

  25. Does it count if I get them to play in the love tub, or in the dressing booths, or in a hotel downtown?

    Not in the competitive rounds. But of course if you want to allow your trollops to score in downtown hotels, dressing rooms, love tubs, telephone booths, roof tops, swimming pools, taxicabs, dark alleys, or whatever, whenever, wherever, whomever, and however, you can play your game by your own rules. For the competition for the prizes, though, they only get paid for getting a john to play in the love bed in their own household.

  26. Do I have to start with a new set of trollops for the second round to earn the Golden Trollop, and for the third round to earn the Brothel Clock?

    Yes. Think of it as starting a new game of chess with all the pieces in their starting positions. Chances are that you will learn from your experience and play the opening a little differently the next time.

    Of course, you can continue to play your trollops after simday 30 and exercise your bragging rights in the egroup. It would fun to hear how your trollops are doing and what they did with all that money they are earning. But to earn the awards or win prizes in the competitive rounds, you do need to start out with a set of three newly created trollops for each round.

  27. What is Samanatha's real name?

    We don't know, and she's not tellin'!

*My apologies to Apple for the bad pun, but here's a worse one...
Maid (sic) on a Mac


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