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Trollops & Johns

The Tale of the Trollops

Trollops and Johns was invented in the year 2001 when Jan Kelson suggested the game to Mike Stern as an amusing way to add some interest to The Sims and make the game more challenging.

Jan and Mike wrote the original rules and play-tested them. Jan immediately established herself as the master of Sims seductions.

(Jan's advice: the Hot Date hot tub is your best friend; no penalties for repeated actions as you build your relationships.)

Trollops and Johns

Mike suggested the game in some of the Sims groups and the word spread from there. Byline offered special prizes to the winners. People said they wanted to play. And the competition was on!

Round 1: December 2001

The first round was played in December 2001, with Mike as the judge. Lyn Anderson won in the Hot Date division with a score of $62,494 and Greg Bennett (your humble webmaster) won in the pre-Hot-Date division with a score of $304,996.

Don't worry if your scores seem to be coming out lower, especially in the pre-HD division. There was a change in the rules in mid-stream that allowed a trollop to score the same john twice in a row.

Trollops and Johns

We learned it was a much better rule not to allow a trollop to get paid by the given john twice in a row on the same day, so that's how we'll play it from now on.

After the first round of the tourney, Greg created this web site so we would have a place to post the rules. The web site grew, adding stories, downloads, and some other special features such as Greg's trollops' family album and even a page for the brothel they built with all the money they earned, the Flamingo Ranch.

Round 2: ? through February 2, 2002

(We have the information for Round 2 around here somewhere!

Round 3: Valentine's Day to April Fools' Day, 2002

(We're still looking for data Round 3, too.)

Round 4: September 16 through October 31, 2002

Trollops and Johns

(Round 4 is no exception.)


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