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The 21st Century Trollop
Click below to download the skin tones you want.
Each zip file is about 40K and contains only just the skin file, which goes into your Skins folder. Uses the Maxis B024fafit_uber mesh, which was distributed with the Fit Skin Pack. Click here to download the mesh if you need it.
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If there is any advice Samantha (not her real name) would give about business, it's "Make it easy for people to give you money!"

What could be more appropriate for a trollop in the twenty-first century than to accept electronic money? Samantha (not her real name)'s customers are eager to max out their credit cards for her services, and she wants to make sure they know they can do it! So here she is, decked out in the ultimate advertising campaign for the modern trollop!

* * *

The body mesh is available as a separate download. Read the fine print under the picture. (This is the same body mesh that all the skins in the Streetwalker Battalion wear.)

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